The grand sense of adventure and exploration that RuneScape offers

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New “stone buttons” the ones you use to open your inventory, quest journal etc with new icons don’t worry; they’re based on the old ones.
A rework of the borders of the minimap, including a new “metallic” look.
New “trims” to the side panel interfaces themselves like the inventory.

We’re undergoing a complete overhaul of the RuneScape website design, an example of which you can see in the screenshot below. The new design is a big departure from the current look and feel. We aim to capture the grand sense of adventure and exploration that RuneScape offers and bring that right out into the foundations of the site, while keeping all of the great features and information that you use on a day-to-day basis.

If, like myself, you’re a fan of the Slayer skill, you’ll be excited when you read the title of this update! As soon as you enter this new dungeon, you will find yourself immersed in some amazing, jaw-dropping scenery, but don’t look down, as this dungeon has a real sense of ‘depth’ to it.

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