We place immense value in Runescape’s integrity

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In the case of the Squeal and Solomon’s Store, this has been no different. We have thought out and carefully quantified the impact of these updates on the overall game, and have been looking anxiously at feedback from all of our community. One specific difference that does exist with these updates, however, is that micro-payments are often associated with their potential to undermine the integrity of games so that companies can profit in the short-term.

As a result, many players have questioned whether RuneScape is heading down this tragic route.I want to say, categorically, that we will not go down this road. In reality – and quite in contrast to this speculation – the introduction of micro-payments to RuneScape has a significant role in ensuring that we can continue to support, develop and grow the game for many more years to come.

We place immense value in our – and your – game’s integrity, feedback from our community, and continually improving the game experience for all, and we have a strong track record of making decisions in this area that we know may be sub-optimal, commercially speaking, but represent our values.Equally, many of you will know our past initiatives against botting and gold farming cost us millions of players, and certainly tens of millions of dollars.

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