Diablo 4 Season 2: Understanding Vampiric Power Bugs

As the gaming community delves deeper into Diablo 4, particularly in Season 2, players have encountered various bugs associated with the new vampiric powers. These glitches can significantly impact gameplay and strategy, especially for fine-tuning their builds for the Altar of Zakarum (AoZ) or general play. This article aggregates these bugs for easy reference, helping players navigate these challenges effectively.

Overview of Vampiric Powers in Season 2

Season 2 introduced an array of vampiric powers, offering enhanced gameplay experiences compared to Season 1. However, with these improvements came a slew of bugs affecting different aspects of these powers.

Detailed Bug Analysis


  • Critical Glitch: When players are injured and under crowd control effects like Stun, Immobilize, Freeze, or Fear, they face instant death. This occurs even with protective measures like cheat death potions and Selig’s passive.

Prey on the Weak

  • Damage Bonus Issue: The expected 16% damage bonus is additive, not multiplicative, rendering it less impactful than anticipated.


  • Snapshotting Anomaly: The attack speed buff from this power is fixed at the time of buff application based on the player’s movement speed. It fails to adjust if the movement speed changes subsequently.


  • Evading as ‘Attack’: Evading is registered as an attack with no damage but a guaranteed lucky hit.
  • Movement Speed Reduction: Using Metamorphosis reduces base movement speed from 100 to 0. This affects the Ravenous buff, decreasing the attack speed bonus by 40%.
  • Stun Post-Evasion: Characters may get stunned for 2 seconds after evading. For instance, they are evading while channeling Whirlwind as a Barbarian causes a stun.
  • Interaction with Enchantments: Metamorphosis can override certain enchantments, like teleport effects.
  • Map Glitch: Evading in specific map areas, like Grinning Labyrinth’s rising bridge, can result in being stuck underground.
  • Incompatibility with Quickening Fog Aspect: This power negates the effects of Quickening Fog.
  • Evasion Limitations: Players can evade through enemies but not obstacles.


  • Enemy Cap for Ultimate Damage Bonus: The power rank caps the number of enemies contributing to the ultimate damage bonus. For example, at rank 3, the bonus only applies to 3 nearby enemies, regardless of more enemies present.

Implications and Strategies

These bugs have significant implications for gameplay, especially for those focusing on optimizing their builds. Players need to be mindful of these glitches and adapt their strategies accordingly. For instance, understanding the intricacies of the Ravenous and Metamorphosis bugs can help maximize attack speeds and evade tactics, influencing decisions on where to buy Diablo 4 items to compensate for these issues.


As Diablo 4 evolves, addressing these bugs will enhance the gaming experience. Players’ awareness and adaptation to these issues are key to successfully navigating Season 2’s challenges. With community input and developer attention, these vampiric powers can reach their full potential, offering an immersive and balanced gameplay experience.