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The crucial difference between this coursework and the Gnome Stronghold Coursework is that you can lose hitpoints in the event you fall on the spikes or in to the pond. You only lose a miniscule amount and it depends on your minimum hitpoints so you’ll seldom get killed. However it is a nice suggestion to bring food with you as a failsafe.

Move through the coursework in the order explained below:Swing over the spikes via the rope swing Watch out for the spikes.Balance across the log to recover from the pond.Climb the net to enter this building.Balance across the ledge over the spikes Watch the spikes again.Now hurdle over each of the seven crumbling walls.Congratulations on completing a lap! Here’s the xp you gain:Barbarian Outpost Coursework and Hindrance Exp. gained 3.Pipe 10.0.

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RuneScape is played by millions of people from a great plenty of different countries as well as a variety of cultural backgrounds. The RuneScape player community is much like the larger, real-world community: while most people within it are honest, courteous and respectful of others, there’s a miniscule number of individuals whose behaviour has the potential to alienate or offend. It is for this reason that they have an Offence System, which has been designed to help protect our players from this disruptive minority.

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