You must be part of a clan in Runescape

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Monsters throughout RuneScape, as well as during skill training – so long as you’re a member of a clan. These are also used to heal your avatar when it takes damage in combat, so be sure to stock up if you’re taking a clan avatar into multi-way combat or PvP!

Gather your resources, muster your clan mates and summon your new secret weapon. Your clan just got a whole lot bigger.Getting Started with Clan Avatars:See the master guard at the clan camp for full details of how to build, maintain and use your clan avatar.

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To build a clan avatar, or benefit from its buffs, you must be a member.You must be part of a clan which owns a clan citadel.Your citadels must include a clan avatar habitat.You must pay fee of 300 anagogic orts to benefit from clan avatar buffs. This earns you a week’s access to buff from avatars owned by your clan. These are non-tradable, and can be gathered from monster drops and skill training.

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