We are making the following changes to Runescape

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We talked at the beginning of the year about how we wanted to make 2013 fun, memorable and special to all of you. We’ve still got a lot to do, but are starting to make good progress, especially in the war on botting and gold farming. From listening to your feedback we’ve made changes to address an issue that many of you brought up as a point of concern: player-run games of chance.

Also known as flower games, hot/cold games or dicing, these games of chance had grown to become a major problem for the community and for us as the administrators of RuneScape. In these games of chance, “hosts” offer other players a deal – usually by publicly spamming – and take a bet on the outcome of a randomised event.
Such activities create many problems: they encourage spam advertising; the trust-based trades are rife with scamming; they’re disruptive to the game’s economy; they create feelings of unfairness; and have links with real-world trading and gold farming.

From the recent forum discussion thread on this topic started by Mod Mark, it’s clear that the overwhelming majority of you do not want this activity to remain in RuneScape. As such, we are making the following changes:With immediate effect, we’re making an addition to the rules of RuneScape.

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