Lots of wise info on this topic from an outdoor gardening expert in the post above

Lots of wise info on this topic from an outdoor gardening expert in the post above. Also, I bet he gives good advice on lawn mowers, as he apparently is from (is advertising) a lawn mowing forum.

Anywho, I figured I’d post some updated info on this topic.

I used some modular arithmetic to prove that the Spring and Autumn gardens are one-clickable, though not at a feasible, consistent rate. So unless you want to wait a great amount of time between runs while Elementals reset, I’m not sure why you would one-click the Spring/Autumn gardens.Runescape 2007 Gold.

However, the Winter Garden is one-clickable very consistently. I haven’t written a guide on it yet, as I am F2P, but I performed some calculations, and it appears to come out to be 10k exp/hour at level-1 thieving. Does anyone know if that is a decent rate for thieving at that level? And if it is even decent at lower levels, at what level does another method become better than it? It would be awesome if people could provide some info on low-level thieving activities here, as that would factor in to my decision on whether or not to add “One-Clicking the Winter Garden” into my guide as well. I might do it on my own time for fun, but college is busy and life is lively. RS 2007 Gold.

Edit: Actually, would anyone be interested if I ran modular arithmetic tests on herb gathering from the gardens? I’m not sure on the herbs/hour and all of that, but I do know that the ratio is similar, if not the same, as the ratio of herbs obtained from killing chaos druids.