And adx I don’t think we ever faught

always makes me laugh when i see earl justin and ladypiggy cuz i hung out with those three constantly, and my name never gets mentioned.

but i’d say birdi, who also hung out with us at hobs (with katalina2 occasionally) was a better pker than any of those three.runescape gold.

And adx I don’t think we ever faught because I really only remember struggling to get away from zar and i wicked i. Max always attacked me but i always beat him so I guess I don’t know how good he is (even though we was about 15 levels higher lol)

lastly I dont know about how good of a pker grubyyyyyyy was but back in the day he’d attack anything that moved.¬†runescape 2007¬†gold.

I remember him well as a dangerous level 70 pure plater always between hobs, graveyard and the rest of low wild so yeah he was pretty nice but not really legendary, plus he got banned so that kinda sucks for him.