I told you so

After weeks of saying it and continuing to say it. From the start of week 3 to now of week 7 with only 3 weeks to go. Zamorak never had a chance. Zamorak as a Runescape Gold player base can not go against the more massive and far larger player base of Saradomin. There is no way Zamorak can make up 28 million points to come back for a win. And after telling countless people this, “There is no way he can catch up”. I joined Zamorak even though I knew he was going to lose, why? Because Zamorak always loses because of the Saradominst supporters that Jagex is, and they purposely game Saradomin an advantage with their laziness. And like always Zamorak and us Zamorakians are forever put on the losing side.

The funny thing is one Jmod said they actually thought Zamorak was going to win at first. As if Jagex doesn’t know that the majority of their player base don’t know or care at all about the game’s lore… No, Jagex knows very well, at least if they actually play the game like they say they do.

What does the Lore have anything to do with this? I never mention to anything about the Lore, so bringing up something that I never said as an argument doesn’t help prove a point. Fact remains I was right all along in knowing that Zamorak didn’t stand a chance.