Frost bones buzz kill

So after rushing medium frozen floors for hours I finally found a frost dragon, and promptly killed it. Then I teled to home base and bought the resources to make the altar and dropped them all on the floor including the bones (I did not bury them on accident) to save space while I finished the dung. I came back to make the altar and sacrifice the bones, and do you know what wasn’t on the floor? The frost dragon bones. I checked my chat box and it didn’t mention burying the bones. I am so sad that I get abused by glitches to ruin my day all the time.

I personally would of just kept them on me, as I would of still had 17 free spots, if you count for bars, runes and both gatestones. That’s plenty of space for food/cash/herbs/anything else.Never ever ever ever ever EVER…. Do new content day 1 of it’s release,even a week is a bit much. Haven’t people learnt this by now?. This isn’t new news. It’s ALWAYS riddled with bs bugs/glitches.