Many more changes are all improved Runescape

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Through the beginning of 2014, Jagex has done a lot for Runescape. Revolution combat, small changes to the veteran community to allow them to wear capes in F2P, and many more changes are all improved Runescape. Besides, they are showing that Jagex has really been going in a really good direction. Along with all those Runescape and rs gold updates, what’s your opinions?

The following is a summary of some people’s point of view:

Tutorial Island is already good for us.
Although Tutorial Island was removed from the game map on 2012, some players still think the new tutorial has some sense of excitement. As for some rs gold advices about coloring the tutorial graphics, does that really necessary? A dark tutorial has already failed any way. The current graphics are already far better than the old set. Every people completed the tutorial and had time on the mainland means more tutorials in the form of the Blood Pact quest which teaches players the combat triangle.

Please do some updates fo rs interface.
For some players who have played runescape for 10 years may think that the new interface system in rs 3 is absolutely horrible. The interface is expected to be convenient for finding something fast. However, the new interface system is not the case in many situations. It’s an absolute mess and it takes far too long to learn every corner of it. Can you imagine how frustrating it would be for a new player? Therefore, it’s now confusing for new players to learn the interface system. Besides, some elder players also cannot adapt to the new system.

We do like the combat system, but it does need more updates.
Since the evolution of combat was released on 2012, it’s already billed as one of the largest content updates in runescape’s history. The evolution has brought a variety of new content including powerful abilities, new equipment and so on. However, players are still not satisfied with that, and they still think the combat system is boring. There is a player said that he got to do in rs 3 is only click one button cause he only has one ability. Therefore, what he essentially is asking for is the point further ahead in the game where they are able to have more abilities, not an even simpler system than before.