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RuneScape as one of the most popular MMOPRG,it attracts game fans all over the world.One of the reason why the RuneScape are so populer is that the game always have some promotions.the recently Runescape Gold Promotions on Treasure Hunters.Runescape is lamps and fallen stars given on Treasure Hunter turned into their prismatic versions. All lamps and fallen stars redeemed during this period will give an additional 50% XP.

So what the Treasure Hunter is and how we get them ?Treasure Hunter is a game of chance available to free players and members alike. With fantastic prizes on offer, everyone’s a winner. And, it’s quick and easy to play every day! Simply log into the game, open up the extras interface and click on the Treasure Hunter icon. Then, choose one of the five treasure chests to collect your prize. Each time you play, you’ll see a selection of items, randomly chosen from a huge cache of loot. Winning really couldn’t be easier!

Although win the Treasure hunter can’t be easier,Luckily,every player can get at least one key per day,and Runescape members get two .So we can see become a runescape member is becoming important if we want get better Treasure Hunter.Further more if you have rs gold you can enjoy more in RuneScape.In our daily life when we want to become a member of some shopping mall or store we always need spend a lot of money,but that will never happen in RuneScape,just need $8.99, u can become the RuneScape members .where to purchase runescape membership pls click here .