FUTMas Coins Strategy:Buy and Sell Smartly

fifa 15 coins

Making coins during FUTmas is really easy. If you do not sell and buy at the right time, you will lose a lot. The best way to earn millions of coins is take the chance to build a better and stronger squad or just buy low and sell higher.

If you are lack of experience, sell everything ASAP and buy the cards again during Happy Hours. Even with the TOTY coming (January 12th), the price will become higher for quite a few days after the biggest Happy Hours.

For the most experienced gamers, paying attention to the estimated dates for the FUTMas’ Happy Hours is the most inportance to buy and sell cards several times during this period.

Whoever you are, less experienced or most expereicned, you must make sure you have enough FIFA coins to buy low and sell higher. Here is a best and cheapest places to stock up coins for FUTmas-fifa15-coins.com.

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