FIFA 20 Secondary Contain Tips

Along with the use of jockeying, is the best method to use for defending by a country mile. The secondary container is the square/shoot button for us, but anyway, have set-up. It will still work superbly by having player switching settings to air balls. Allow controlling CB or CDM without the auto setting, changing to the nearest man to the ball each time a pass played, so make sure this is on. That is key to secondary contain being an effective way of defending. If you don’t adopt these player switching settings, then it will be tough to secondary include effectively. Now U4GM shares with you FIFA 20 Secondary Contain Tips. With over 10 years of excellence, we’ve got served a large number of customers. In the event you are hesitating exactly where to get FIFA 20 Coins, U4GM will be a superb decision.

Diagram explanation
The first thing using the Right stick (instead of L1/LB) to change players.
Select one of the most profound defenders or one of your CDMs (as in the diagram).
Drop them in behind the CB’s to provide cover or just in front of the CB’s if you already have a deep line.
If play is in the middle, then control a CB. If it’s on the wing, later try and control the defender who is on that side of the pitch, E.g., RB or LB. Another option use the CDM to sit in front of the CBS to cut off any balls into the opposition forwards feet.

TIP – This is the absolute worst thing that you can do if you’re using secondary contain so please read carefully.
Don’t chase the ball using your controlled player while hold secondary contains as this is how players pulled out of position.
By controlling these players and holding down, secondary content can have pressure on the ball. While using the player are managing to try, and close off any passes into strikers or read through shots over the top.

If you find one of the players is chasing the ball right across the pitch and is going to be out of position, let go of the secondary contain button. Then hold straight back down again, this will select the closest player to the ball to include the ball carrier. Another player can get back into the team shape without using up all energy.

If you play with a formation of 5 at the back, then this next tip will apply to you. As soon as the ball breaks down, use the right analog stick to select the middle of your CB’s. Then drop him deep into the sweeper position using the radar to always keep 10 yards behind the other four defenders. Use the technique U4GM FIFA 20 Coins Sellers discussed above to keep changing the man who is pressuring the ball.

That makes you very hard to break down but make sure you are keeping that back 4 in position and then anything over the top of those four you can use your player to sweep around and collect the ball.

It should be noted that this is also a very passive way of defending and if you get someone who is patient and deadly from long range, then you’ll need to change it up and become more aggressive with your defensive approach.