NBA 2K21 Shooting Guide For Beginners

Shooting in NBA 2K21 is similar to previous years, this year, however, you must learn and master some new mechanics. If you want to learn all about shooting, you came to the right place. In this guide, we’ll explain the basics of shooting, the shooting fundamentals as well as some tips to be a better shooter and make more shots. Of course, you can also buy mt 2k21 by clicking the link in the article, while enjoying the lowest price and the best service.

NBA 2K21 Shooting Guide

NBA 2K21 Shooting Basics

There are several different types of shots in NBA 2K21. There are dunks, lay-ups, jump shots, post shots, and more. Shooting is similar to previous years in that you have multiple options to choose from. You can either shoot with the buttons or you can shoot with the stick, whichever you choose you to have some things to think about.

How to Shoot in NBA 2K21

• Press the X Button (Xbox) or Square Button (PlayStation) to Shoot.
• Shooting can also be done with the Right Stick.

The Fundamentals of Shooting

Whether you choose the buttons or with the analog stick, you have a few things to keep in mind.

1). Shooting with Buttons

When shooting with the buttons and using the shot meter, press and hold the fire button depending on your platform and then hold it down until the marker is aligned with the center of the shot meter.

The closer you get to the center of the shot gauge, the better and more accurate your shot will be. If your shot is perfect, the indicator will flash green to let you know that you have released it at a good time. The controller will also vibrate to let you know when is the ideal time to shoot.

2). Shooting with the Stick

The button shooting option is certainly the most immediate and easiest way to learn out of the two methods available. However, analog stick shooting is also not that complicated if you get the hang of it. This time, instead of holding the button down, you must pull the right stick down and then release it. The more you release the stick near the center of the shot meter, the more accurate the shot will be.

These two methods use timing and aiming to determine how accurate your shots are going to be, but there are ways to change this as well.

Changing your Settings

You can change the settings so that the shot will hit or fail automatically, based on your players’ stats. The Real Player % option can be changed in the controller settings in the “Shot Time” section. Set this value to Real Player % if you want your shots to hit depending on how good your player’s stats are.

The settings menus also allow you to experiment with turning the shot meter on and off or changing the shot timing. You can also choose to turn your controller’s vibration on or off. There is no clear path to becoming a perfect scorer in NBA 2K21, so experiment with different settings until you find one you feel comfortable with.

NBA 2K21 Shooting Tips

Let’s go over what you need to know about shooting tips in NBA 2K21.


1). General Tips

Ahead of the launch of the game, the NBA 2K21 gameplay director himself, Mike Wang to share a few tips about how shooting works in the game. His tips are:

• Tap the left trigger at the ideal release time for a boost.
• If you’re using the Shot Button, turn off Shot Meter for a boost.
• The green release is harder this year, be patient OR turn off Shot Aiming if you want Shot Timing on Pro Stick like last year.
• OR turn off Shot Aiming if you want Shot Timing on Pro Stick like last year.

2). Shoot Like a Pro

If you opt to use the Pro Stick aiming options and turn it on by default, you may need some time to polish your shooting skill and get used to the mechanism.

Here are some tips that may come in handy:

• Pull the Right Stick down, the meter starts close to the center, not to the left or right, so correct for that.
• Once pulled back, nudge it left or right, depending on your shooting angles. Keep your hands as steady as ever.
• You don’t need to manually shoot – focus on your aim and keeping your hands steady and the player works out the rest automatically.
• If you time your shot correctly, you will get a more significant boost, which helps you put one in the net.
• Keep practicing. There is a training facility in ‘2K21’ that you can use to help you polish your shooting before jumping into real matches.

3). Be More Consistent

The last tip we have is to be more consistent. Sure, it is hard to get the AI to consistently respond to your shot the way you intend it to be, but it’s doable.

• First, always aim for the Hot Zones (Blue Areas). You will get a better boost if you shoot from there. Each player has their own comfortable Blue Zones. Try to note them.
• If you play MyCareer, focus on getting Shooting badges to increase your ability without messing with the stats.
• If you feel frustrated, it’s okay to alter the settings a little bit. You may turn off the Shot Meter and go with the default Square/X shooting. Less accurate, but if that’s how you play, so be it!
• You can disable shot timing and instead make the game calculate shot chance based on the player’s real-time stats.

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