Best Five Badges in NBA 2K21 in Each Category

Selecting the best Badges in NBA 2K21 can take a MyPlayer’s game to the next level, helping to dominate the NBA and Neighborhood. But which badges are the best? Here are the best five badges in NBA 2K21 in each category – Finishing, Shooting, Playmaking, and Defense/Rebounding.

Best Finisher Badges

Best Finisher Badges

To really excel around the rim, you should look to create a MyPlayer that specializes in driving, dunking, layups, and jumping abilities. Beyond that, you should aim to set your player above the crowd by adding the following solid finishing badges, which we see as being the best in NBA 2K21.

1). Acrobat

Boosts the ability to hit a high degree of difficulty layups. Spin, half-spin, hop step, euro-step, cradle, reverse, and change shot layup attempts receive a significant boost.

2). Consistent Finisher

Reduces the penalty for poorly released layups. Penalties for mistimed layups are reduced, allowing players to make layups more consistently.

3). Contact Finisher

Improves the ability to convert contact layups and dunks in traffic. Slashers who play below the rim finish contact layups more successfully, while dunkers can pull off more contact dunks.

4). Pick & Roller

Increases shot percentage as the roller in a pick & roll. A shot boost is applied when rolling off the pick and roll if the layup or dunk attempt comes within a few seconds after catching the pass.

5). Relentless Finisher

Reduces the fatigue effects from continually finishing at the rim with contact. Improves a player’s ability to take a lot of contact by reducing the energy lost when attacking the rim for contact shots.

Best Shooting Badges

Best Shooting Badges

The changes to the shooting mechanics in NBA 2K21 take a bit of time to get used to, but one way the shooting can become much more consistent is with the application of badges. Especially when selecting shooting guards and point guards in NBA 2K21 with a focus on marksmanship, players will unlock and select 20+ badges to use in the shooting category. Selecting the correct ones will help the MyPlayer knock down difficult shots and open corner threes at a high rate. Here are the best shooting badges for you to shoot lights out:

1). Catch & Shoot

It boosts the chance of hitting a jump shot immediately after a catch. For a short time after receiving a pass, the receiver’s outside shooting attributes get a significant boost.

2). Deadeye

Reduces the impact of a defender who is closing out. Jump shots taken with a defender closing out receive less of a penalty from a shot contest. This includes both mid-range and 3PT shots.

3). Difficult Shots

Improves the ability to shoot difficult shots off the dribble. High-difficulty jumpers such as hop steps, spins, stepbacks, and pull-ups receive a shot percentage boost.

4). Flexible Release

Reduces the penalty suffered from mistimed jump shot released. Shot timing penalties for jump shots are reduced, making it easier to knock down attempts even when releasing early or late.

5). Pick & Popper

Elevates the shot percentage for an attempt taken off a pick and fade situation. Shot attempts after setting a screen are given a boost if the shot happens far enough from the rim and within a few seconds after the screen has been set.

Best Playmaking Badges

Best Playmaking Badges

Most NBA 2K21 MyPLAYER will dip into Playmaking, or the yellow pie, to some degree. This is because the Playmaking tree covers ball handling and passing, which are very important in NBA 2K21. These are the most important Playmaking badges to grab for your MyPLAYER builds.

1). Floor General

Teammates receive an offensive attribute bonus when the player is in the game. It gives offensive attributes boosts to teammates when on the floor. Also, at the Hall of Fame level, you can see teammates’ potential shot percentages while on offense.

2). Handles for Days

Reduces the amount of energy lost when performing dribble moves. A player takes less of an energy hit when performing consecutive dribble moves, allowing them to chain together combos quicker and for longer periods of time.

3). Needle Threader

Increases the likelihood that tough passes can get by the defense. When passing through a tight window between defenders, a boost is given to the player’s passing ability.

4). Space Creator

Improves a player’s ability to create space from a defender. When performing any stepback move or shot, there’s a higher chance of successfully creating separation from the opponent.

5). Unpluckable

Reduces the chances of getting stripped by the defender. When performing dribble moves, defenders have a tougher time poking the ball free with their steal attempts.

Best Defensive/Rebounding Badges

Best Defensive/Rebounding Badges

Having the right Defense/Rebounding badges active can go a long way and help you make those big stops. In this year’s basketball simulator, the following are the best defensive badges to give to your MyPlayer build.

1). Clamps

Boosts the ability to stay in front of the ball handler on the perimeter. Defenders have access to quicker cut-off moves and are more successful when bumping or hip riding the ball handler.

2). Intimidator

Intimidates offensive players causing them to miss shots more often. Offensive players have less success shooting when contested by players with this badge. It also boosts the shot defense ratings when tightly guarding an opponent.

3). Lighting Reflexes

Receives an earlier cue on the Read and React system when playing defense. It gives the defender an advantage to read where the ball handler goes in the Read and React system.

4). Rebound Chaser

Improves a player’s ability to chase down rebounds. Improves a player’s ability to track down rebounds from farther distances than normal.

5). Tireless Defender

Reduces energy lost when exerting effort on defense. Allows the defender to play defense more aggressively without losing energy at the same rate as a normal player.

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