The Best Striker Class Setup in COD MW3

The Best Striker Class Setup in COD MW3

To gain an advantage in COD MW3, a powerful character is essential. We need to understand the best Class setup in COD MW3 to build a powerful character. The following article will give you a detailed overview of the Striker Class setup in Modern Warfare 3, which will be our first step to success.

Striker Class Setup in Modern Warfare 3

The Striker stands out as one of the most dominant SMGs in Modern Warfare 3, offering exceptional versatility and effectiveness in various combat scenarios. This class setup maximizes the potential of the Striker, ensuring a competitive edge on the battlefield.

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Colossus Suppressor

The Colossus suppressor is the Striker’s foundational attachment, providing undetectable radar presence and a recoil boost. Despite a minor reduction in aim down sight speed, the benefits of remaining undetected and improved recoil control outweigh this trade-off.

Striker Recon Long Barrel

Adding the Striker Recon long barrel enhances bullet velocity, range, and aiming stability. While it comes at the cost of hip fire and tax stance spread, the overall impact on performance is minimal, and the benefits in range and stability are substantial.

45 Auto High Grain Rounds

The 45 Auto High Grain Rounds represent a game-changing addition to the Striker, offering enhanced bullet velocity, damage range, and no enemy skulls. Although there is a slight compromise in recoil control, these rounds’ overall power and effectiveness make them a vital inclusion for any SMG loadout.

60-Round Drum and No Stock

Completing the setup with the 60-round drum and no stock attachments optimizes the Striker for combat. These attachments improve aim-down sight speed, sprint-to-fire speed, and overall agility, ensuring the Striker excels in close to medium-range engagements.

Customization Options

For players seeking alternative configurations, adjustments to the 60-round drum and the choice between the Colossus suppressor and other attachments provide flexibility to tailor the Striker class setup to individual preferences and playstyles.

When we finish a Striker Class build, we can quickly level up by MW3 boosting, strengthening the character, and unlocking new weapons. Once we have a strong character and a lot of new weapons, we will gain an advantage in the various battles in COD MW3.