Runescape update was delayed because

What really happened jagex? (Jmod post telling the truth would be nice).

Was the update actually delayed because of the bugs/glitches it would contain or because an IVP liaison caught wind of the update and thought it would hurt profits?

It would also explain why the bank boosters and keepsakes LP costs have almost doubled.

– Maybe jagex and IVP had a few arguments on what the actual release amount would be even though it would if anything boost runecoin sales.

– Also my first impression of the loyalty update is that there are still bugs/glitches…

Anyone else get this was the case as to why the update was really delayed or am I just going crazy with these depressing updates?

Disclaimer: Jagex I will not tattletale to IVP no matter what you tell me the reason was.

Obviously IVP got invovled and started crying ohh our profits Q_Q. I know we are invested in like 50 other mmos and make billions and billions of dollars every year but you making these prices the way they are, are just going to ruin our margins so fix these prices now!.

Ivp: Hay crap (crap is mod marks addressed name by IVP) why are you making that update?

Mod mark: cause we need more money. It will get more Runescape Gold players.

The IVP coffee boy in charge of Jagex: crap, your profits don’t matter. Jack up the prices or you will be back to fetching me coffee.

Mod mark: but I’m not making enough. My family is only living in a great house, not a beautiful one.

Coffee Boy: crap, your family is going to eating worse than you if you don’t raise the prices!!!!!