Superior barrows brothers

During the Vorago livestream today (9/5/13) Mod Chris L made a few statements talking about a harder version of barrows, I will be calling this Superior barrows brothers until its true name is released.

Current information: (will be updating as more information comes in)
1. It wont be solo content.
2. it “wont” be duo able.
3. chris mentioned Super Ahrims.

I am exited hearing about this content but i also am looking for reasons to why its coming and the only logical idea of why is simply because Sliske got a power up when he killed guthix and this means not only does he become stronger but we can assume his minions got a power up as well.

Mod chris l refused to make a statement on the livestream about the rewards but we can assume that there might be an upgraded version of the barrows gear.

Looking at the old school game jagex wanted to release an amulet with the godwars update called “Amulet of the damned” and it would have an effect when worn with full barrows sets, Could this amulet be part of the new Superior barrows update?

Note: later i will be typing out word for word what chris l said on the livestream. If you wish to here the statements from chris l himself visit the runescape twitch channel and watch the first 40 minutes of the livestream.

Honestly i am a bit sad that its going to be another “group” boss because some people don’t have friends that play regularly :/ id rather there be a superior barrows brother then a group version that is even harder, that way some of us with smaller friend’s lists can still enjoy it.

About the amulet, i think it should stay exclusively old school simply because it makes it special. perhaps people will disagree but that is just my opinion.