There’s not much on Solomon’s store that captures my attention

If wings, however, were offered on it I would certainly take interest.

We all know that wings are technically possible since they’re already in Runescape Gold game. I really think that Jagex could offer some epic looking wings on Solomon’s store that go under the cape slot.

Just for an example, we could have flaming wings, lightning wings or anything else you can think of.

The wings should be large as well in a similar fashion to tier four wings from the loyalty shop.

I really think that these would be a popular addition to Solomon’s store. What are your thoughts? Would you buy them?

Player suggestions from this thread:
-Archangel and seraph wings.
-Phoenix Wings.
-Wings with particle effects.
-Diablo style wings.
-Eagle Wings
-Bone Wings (Not made of, but rather just the skeletal structure)
-Butterfly Wings
-Jadinko Wings
-Bat-like Wings
Keep them coming.

Also, it has been suggested for the wings to move (i.e. fold back and forth while idle) which would make the wings seem much more "alive". This would be an awesome addition in my opinion, and it’d only increase the demand for wings.