Thank you jagex

Dear Jagex,

Thank you for being ever so flaming smart and giving us this wonderfully, downright idiotic Super September Challenge. I find it so much fun, watching a small group of Players act high & mighty towards those who actually want to take part in your new, albeit misplaced, Bonus Experience distribution method.

You seem to have totally forgotten the fact that occurrences like this will do nothing but beckon the attention of several blundering morons who feel it necessary to fill the entire area with Dwarven Multi-Cannons in order to prevent Players from actually achieving success in this Challenge. Thank you for giving those selfish idiots the room they require to make several hundred once interested Runescape 3 Gold Players lose their interest in the Bonus Experience that this Challenge had to offer.

Yours disdainfully,
A very unhappy chappy.

PS. I have actually completed the Challenge, I just feel bad for those who haven’t.

The chaos unfolding on world 2 is very amusing. Zamorak himself could not have orchestrated something so disorganized. I thought at first a riot was going on…fires, cannons, familiars everywhere. 500 people and they still can’t clear the cabbage field.

I’m also glad the Dwarven multicannons continue to find ways to anger players even in the year 2013.

Thank you Jagex for letting me witness one of the most hilarious sights I’ve ever seen in this game. World 2’s cabbage field and the screenshots I took of it will live on forever. Full support for Super September.