The runescape hybrid effect

That is actually were I just tried it out at. Less then satisfactory results. The protect prayers did help but any actually attacks that weren’t protected against was pretty steady 400+ hits.

Lack of larger Hp bonus from armor plus the almost no chance to block their attacks really didn’t bold well for my fight.

Now Hybrid armor as I understand it you sacrifice defense and hp (will never be lp to me) for the ability to use all 3 combat style with no accuracy loss. A new and interesting way to go in terms of combat. With a handicap that is fully understandable for what the armor allows you to do.

How ever the hybrid armor’s defense have been reduced far to much to actually make it useful. It has no power to stand up against anything. Which would have worked pre eoc with protect prayers giving 100% protection. But currently the only way to make hybrid armor a viable option would use it with soul split and high level weapon to make up in healing for lack of any real damage protection ability. I really don’t think soul split should be the only way to make hybrid armor a viable option in combat.

I don’t think the hp bonus should change with hybrid armor but I do think the defensive bonuses need to be buffed up a bit though.

*Note when I say set I am referring to helm, body and legs.

Block chance based off a level 177 attacker:
Akrisae set: 0% across the board
Subjugation Set: 34% melee, 0% range, 10% magic
Guthan’s set: 15%melee, 38% range, 0% magic

Given Akrisae set is the highest current hybrid armor at level 70 the fact it doesn’t even register a block chance for anything is not a good thing. Even the level 70 power armor which also sacrifices Hp and defense for damage bonus at least registers a 10% block chance for magic vs. a lvl 177 attacker.

When you add Gano boots, RFD gloves 10 and Quest cape to the sets you get:
Akrisae Set: 13% melee, 3% range, 8% magic
Subjugation Set: 32% melee, 0% range, 18% magic
Guthan’s Set: 27% melee, 30% range, 9% mage

Even with those items added the block chance for hybrid is still poor at best. The accuracy reduction would be worth it to use instead Sub or Guthan’s set and just pray protect/deflect range or mage and have that damage blocked by 50%. Something needs to change about this to actually make hybrid armor a viable option in combat.

The hp bonus for hybrid can stay the same. Making it lower hp bonus then either tank or offensive gear. How ever the defensive side of this armor needs a buff up pretty badly. At the very best hybrid armor should have same block level as offensive armors weaker block chance. So Akisae vs. a level 177 guy should read: 10% melee, 10% range, 10% mage instead of 0% across the board.

This still allows both tank and offensive armor to have better defense against the styles they are good against (AKA Sub set will always have better melee defense.) This would at least give hybrid a usefulness in combat actually giving it some defensive abilities. While at the same time not removing the useful defensive bonuses style specific gear gives.