Runescape metal fragments

Hey I’m just wondering if there will be a way to get metal fragments after the event. In the FAQ it says that only emotes and titles will be dicontinued.

Also, I’m wondering if the world events after this one will use similar mechanics, of killing soldiers to get fragments and broken part to make cosmetic override. I want to know because when school starts there is no way I can’t play enough to get 3k fragments. So I’m thinking of saving up the fragments for a decent cosmetic override, since you can bank them.

Can a Jmod please answer?

There most likely will be.This is the only the first World Event.So in the next one you will probably be able to get them from goblins,Aviansies,Godless humans,bandits,elves or dogs(?).

As to other World Events,they’ll probably be different hopefully using constructive feedback from this one but may function relatively the same way as this one.