The zamorakian return

Greetings one and all,

As many of you will know, the Zamorakians are slowly falling further and further behind in terms of numbers (even if the percentage difference remains around the same/improves). Having talked to numerous Runescape 3 Gold players in-game however, I have largely found that the reason for this is not due to any allegiance to Saradomin from the players currently supporting him, but still due to the misconception that, by being on the winning team they will somehow gain extra rewards. In fact, the most recent group I spoke to had initially started on Zamorak’s side, but quickly changed to Saradomin in fear of missing out on rewards!

Given this, I feel that perhaps the best chance Zamorak has of coming back in this war is simply in the supporters of Zamorak educating the large portion of the player base in this fact, and then supplying the required argument to convert them.

Now, as I have said I have spoken to a number of Saradominists, and of course simply informing them that they will not gain extra rewards does not make them wish to change sides, largely due to the fact they would lose their renown. In the below posts I will cover the potential type of players, and a number of reasons as to why each should join Zamorak.


1.1 – Introduction
1.2 – The Lore Fanatic
1.3 – The Reward-oriented
1.4 – What can Zamorakians Do?

The Lore Fanatic:

Clearly, in the situation that the person you are speaking to is in fact a devote Saradominist, I would recommend not attempting to convert them, and allowing them to continue with their allegience. However, for any supporters of the other gods (or even the Godless), there are benefits in following Zamorak.

1) Zamorak does not wish to expel the other Gods from this realm, as Saradomin does, but simply to do as he preaches and seek power, allowing his followers to develop and grow in strength.

“Saradomin is the one true god. This is his world, and he will watch over us all. He wants us to be safe. He will banish all other gods, so we can live on his world in peace – and in his glory!”
-Julienne, Emissary of Saradomin

Of course for any of the other god followers, this is beneficial.

2) Zamorak is not currently, as far as we are aware, in control of any Elder Items, whilst Saradomin has his crown. As such, in addition to Saradomin’s wishes to expel the other gods, this places Saradomin as a far larger threat to the other gods. If Saradomin wins with such a large margin as he currently appears to be going to, he will be as strong as ever, while at least if we start closing the gap he will be weakened, if not killed. In such a way it is beneficial for the Godless as well, in that they will have far less to deal with if both are weakened/killed, or if Zamorak comes out victorious.

3) For Zarosians who still hold Zamorak’s betrayal against him, it is even stated that Zaros does not seek revenge on him.

“Who am I to say what Zaros wants? His goals are beyond my and your understanding. But know this: he does not seek petty revenge or endless war.”
-Soran, Emissary of Zaros

Thus, it is far more logical for Zarosians to remove the larger of threats to Zaros and his return, that being Saradomin.

4) Serenists/Armadylians, and simply anyone fearing Zamorak’s chaotic ways, although Saradomin speaks of order, this is purely applicable to those under his reign. As seen with the Naragi, those who chose not to side with Saradomin, however peaceful and unthreatening they appear, will be swiftly and brutally crushed. Saradomin has been as bad if not worse than Zamorak.