Runescpae Blue/Red zarosians

I am a proud Red Zarosian. Hold on, and I will copy/paste my reasons from another thread.

EDIT: (I changed a little from my original post.)


1. Saradomin is just as responsible as Zamorak for the Zarosian Genocide.It was a team effort.

2. Soran, emissary to Zaros, has proven that Zaros does not seek revenge, or war if it can be avoided. I need not be bitter about Zamorak’s past. We cannot change what happened.

3. Saradomin is a hypocrite who preaches peace and order, yet goes to war at every given opportunity, just because he can. Zamorak will at least tell us the truth about what he wants.

4. I can actually see the truth behind Zamorak’s ideals. He preaches that chaos is necessary for growth and the achievement of power. If it were not for hardships, we could never learn from them.

5. Saradomin wants to banish all other gods, including Zaros. Zamorak does not threaten this. He NEEDS other gods to rule with him, or else he has total control, and there is no chaos at all in control.

and, 6. I just liked the look of his rewards better. This is not the most important reason to me, but if I am going to have to support a god that I do not follow anyways, they better give me neat stuff.

This is a thread for Zarosians to discuss which god Zarosians should support in the battle of lumbridge event. Let me just lay a few ground rules.

1. Know at least a little lore. Having a Zamorak = evil/saradomin = good opinion just shows you have not read lore.
2. Followers of other gods may post, but if you are a saradominist or a zamorakian, please state it so that others may see what biases you have.
3. All forum rules apply.

I’ll start.

I think we should follow Zamorak. Not only does this prevent a lot of would be Zarosian followers from being killed, it also eliminates the worse evil and the one with more power. Although we may have a grudge against Zamorak, it is not the way of Zaros to seek revenge over what otherwise is the better plan.

I’m a Runescape 3 Gold and I suggest you join Zamorak. Why join Zamorak? Think what your best chance is for your empty lord to come back into power, have two weakened gods or have an overly powerful Saradomin as an opponent. Regardless of how you may feel about Zamorak the smart choice is to do away with the larger threat. Much in the way many of the empty lords followers switched over to Zamorak the opposite can be true should Zaros become relevant again so having Zamorak with a stronger following than Saradomin is another plus. Ideally I’d want the gods to do away with eachother but at the same time that fits both our agendas since for that to happen other gods need a fighting chance.