SOF just gets worse and worse

From the news about the Shaman’s outfit on the Squeal of Fortune:

“You’ll find a whole host of new items up for grabs, including spirit wolf parts. Collect each of the five parts – claw, paw, pelt, femur and skull – and combine it with spirit wolf blood. You can win wolf blood on the Squeal of Fortune, collect it from combat drops, or trade it with other runescape 3 gold players.

Combine enough wolf blood with any spirit wolf part and Mohegan, the spirit wolf, will appear to you and exchange them for a piece of the shaman’s outfit and a chunk of Summoning XP. When worn, each part of the shaman outfit grants a 1% boost to Summoning XP earned. Wear all five parts for a healthy 5% XP boost!
When you exchange a spirit wolf skull with enough blood, Mohegan will give you the Fang of Mohegan in addition to the shaman’s outfit headdress. The Fang of Mohegan is a unique necklace that grants you one daily teleport to a summoning obelisk of your choice. When worn in combat, the necklace has a chance to double your charm drops.”

So, you basically made a convoluted system where players who buy spins have a better chance at getting that “Fang of Mohegan”? Because honestly, I understand what has to be done, but it’s so drawn-out and unnecessarily random that it’s pointless. Why not just make them like the Skiller sets (sous chef outfit and blacksmith’s outfit, for example), where you get pieces of the outfit off the SoF itself…and that’s it? It seems like this fang amulet is an item useful in function (like my radiant alchemist’s amulet, which I feel luckyto have), but rage-inducingly hard to get (like Samid’s Gloves, which I never got and feel cheated on about).

Oh geez, why am I ever bothering calling this useful? ONE daily teleport to an obelisk sucks, especially with the one in Taverly being so close to a bank.You done goofed again, Jagex. Like I said, merely obtaining the Shaman’s outfit looks to be a boring, chance-dependent chore.

TBH, I’m a bit disappointed, yes, since it’s offering a good benefit (I will concede on that), but it just seems like such a long process to get the outfit pieces that it doesn’t seem worthwhile to even try.

I’m actually more annoyed at Jagex’s statement at the end of 2012 saying they “released far too many SoF and SGS stuff into the runescape 2007 gold game”. Except, of course, they’re still doing a ton of them. Granted, there hasn’t been as many since July, but there’s still quite a few offers and promotions.