One of the Christmas tasks The Festive Aura


In the 15 days of Christmas , you will have plenty of opportunities to collect holiday cookies. While other players use , which has two advantages :

The cracker grants both players 1,000 Hong Kong dollars XP. In a randomly selected skills Please note that there is no confirmation from the second player requirements, but – because this is the reward XP – it does not cause any unnecessary gain XP.

The cracker will contain a gift for its owner. Treatment provided vary, but there is a chance that it will be a black Santa Claus hat – a new circulation rare , certainly in the top of everyone’s Christmas list !
Pull holiday cookies always beneficial , and each one is an opportunity to make this valuable new helmet in your hands . Have fun pulling as much !

There are three ways to get hold of the 15-day festival of Christmas cookies :

The first one : daily challenge you complete each day and you will get a biscuit hand along its usual reward. If you fall into the busy world of birds and beasts event , never fear ! 15 days of Christmas, we give each member an additional daily challenges along their usual five years , which is to earn $ 10,000 by the famous fight for their faction . No need to miss !

The second fight or improve skills in any activity that can spin you get a ticket you have the chance to earn biscuits . Will increase your chances if you enjoy the blessings of winter buff

The third will be many events in the game can reward the 15 days festive cookies. Twice each day ( 02:00 am and 20:00 GMT ) , there will be room in the party which gives 200 Falador their balloon drop. Our team has plenty of planned communities in the festival too, is to give the cookies to give them competition winners. If you’re not ready to check out further details on the community and community news after Christmas raid forum topic.

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