Runescape 3 needs a land expansion

With the increased draw distance it becomes apparent just how small the world of runescape really is. It looks like a play set to be honest. From mudskipper point you can see crandor isle for example. From the map it looks like it’s 100’s of kilometres away but in the actual game it is only 250 metres at most.

There needs to be a massive land expansion between cities to make the game look good.

I know this game isn’t world of warcraft but this game still needs the land expansion to make it actually look good.

Jagex never fully ruled a land expansion out of the picture. In fact, they said once everything is running smoothly, they may consider it – HTML5’s client and RuneTek7 really makes a LOT of stuff possible, and RuneScape 3 Gold is only the start of what’s to come in the next few yars.