People already 89

The reason it’s slow is because xp gains scale according to your level. The speed at which you go through the levels increases progressively. Of course, so does the xp you need, making the next level take longer, but this skill is not one of those cases where you blaze your way through the first levels and once you reach level 60 you keep repeating an action to 99. You will always have a new training method and even at level 94 you won’t be gaining the max xp you can.

So they’ll get it in a week. Many others will get it in a month.

If it’s that slow, how the hell am I nearly 70 and I’m not even no-lifing it? I’ve taken several breaks for hours at a time to go Runescape 3 Gold play other games (Splinter Cell Blacklist — full campaign completed and Saints Row Iv which I’ve just started).

If you leave every five minutes or only pop in to do the Enriched, it’ll take forever to level. A little dedication, just like any other skill, and it goes fairly quickly. Higher levels do give more xp and having done The World Wakes helps a lot.

It’s not my favorite. In fact I think it’s an absolutely stupid and useless skill but as far as any of the others are concerned, it’s on par with most of them. Yes, it needs tweaking but what the hell doesn’t in this game?

And, newsflash, the damn thing has been out less than a week.