Runescape contradictory

Note: I’d consider this a recent update, as it was just recently released that they were going to hire YT video makers and it was also just released today that they’re doing layoffs.

I read 2 news stories online today that around 10 more jobs in customer support have been cut from Jagex. I really don’t understand how they can hire controversial youtube video makers(which has really irritated many Runescape Gold players) and then turn around and layoff a bunch of long time mods. It’s not just any mods either it’s some of the nicest most interactive mods in your company.

The explanation says that it’s people who were working one experimental content that Jagex doesn’t think they want to do anymore. Does this mean we’re gonna be stuck with complete and utterly boring content like Divination in future updates?

What about all the SGS and SOF money Jagex racks up daily? Surely it’s more than enough to keep these people employed? Kinda makes me wonder if Jagex isn’t facing some bigtime financial woes.

isn’t the employee count there like… 400+ or something ridiculous? Then you turn towards other gaming companies who produce products that sell in the millions to see their employee count at sub 100.

If anything they need to get their priorities straightened because their only successful game to date is RuneScape. and once jagex stops lying to themselves, I’m sure this game can be 100% in focus, managed, updated, and supported with sub 100 employees and produce the same content we have now if not better.

Think of it this way too:

300 extra employees…. means more people to pay. At US minimum wage (7.25), let’s say that all 400 employees work the same day for an 8 hour shift. So that accounts $58 MINIMUM for one person, multiply that by 400… we’re at $23,200 in one day… one week $162,400.. one month…. $649,600… *7,795,200 a year.

Obviously employees don’t make minimum wage because Jagex has some stipulations… so lets just take an average of 30k a yr salary. That’s approximately $12,000,000 flushed away in labor costs which has been proven to be effectively done with sub 100 (roughly sub <$3,000,000). Obviously that number is skewed due to different positions and what not, but some articles online have stated that some jagex employees needing to pick up second jobs because the pay was bad so it’s a decent estimate.

Needless to say, we’re wasting $9,000,000 a year to in our membership expenses to support a larger than need be company… that’s about 1.5-2.4M membership charge transactions JUST TO BREAK EVEN. A company based around sub 100 people would only cost us 377,359-600,000 membership transactions.

No wonder why we have SoF and SGS content thrown at us.. they dug themselves into a hole.