‘RUNESCAPE bond trading game reward money in real life

Jagex made a big announcement is on the increase as “RUNESCAPE” on their new bonds. The company is headquartered in the UK continue to work with this new feature will allow players in the game for his efforts to get real returns , bringing revolutionary free to play MMORPG market. The occasion of this announcement , a little bit of a surprise , many members are considering whether convertible bonds will have a positive or negative social impact .

Bonds will allow “RUNESCAPE” players in the game of their wealth for the real-life currency and rewards sell or trade . Available tangible rewards, including the game ‘s membership . As for the ” Diablo 3″ auction system, the introduction of a game can be a  real money is not easy to pull off , it will be interesting to see how it affects the community bonds .

“The launch of bonds RUNESCAPE is a very positive step that will improve the game ‘s economy and give players more choices, how they get members and we care passionately about RUNESCAPE as the game’s community , and promised in the next 10 years the RUNESCAPE growth laid the foundation for this update is a solid step in that direction , said: “The executive producer Phil Mansell , RUNESCAPE. “A lot of players will be a small fortune GP and valuables in the game worth playing RUNESCAPE has accumulated over their years by introducing bonds, millions of dedicated players will now have a choice , through the game of wealth exchange bonds to finance their members and other services . “Here you can buy the cheapest and most practical Runescape Gold,Runescape 3 Gold

Notice was some speculation form ” Runescape” players . Presumably expected some consternation RUNESCAPE ” host Jacmob explanation Devblog how goldfarming the ” RUNESCAPE ” and bonds have become a huge problem in efforts to reduce in-game found some illegal behavior up to D3 auction house is an effort to curb the black market IRL goods trading currency of the game , players bond is intended to open more options , and the elimination of some illegal way .

Bonds will cost each purchase only from within the game redeemed. Buy these bonds will allow players to receive 14 days of the “RUNESCAPE” members , eight of wealth rotation, or 160 RuneCoins screaming. Multiple bonds can also be redeemed for the RuneFest tickets.