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Well I learnt today that jagex expects us all to be a bunch of no-lifers…yup that’s right. I logged on yesterday to find out about the sept challenge and since I missed day 1 I cant get all 30 to get the best reward…this is kind of ridiculous on jagexs’ part they should have given us the option to complete previous tasks for those of us that have to work for a living …they could have still ended it at the end of September which means it would still be fair cause everyone would have 1 month to complete the challenges…I feel sorry for the people that are starting school this month because I guarantee some of the people in college will have to miss a day or 2 as well but could easily redo those missed challenges if they had the choice to do past ones on the weekend or when they had spare time throughout the month. This is just ludicrous and I cant figure out if jagex wants its community to be a) no-lifers or b) children under the age of 12 who wont get homework all September.

Not jokes have never and will never be funny.

It’s just cosmetic things, if you cared that much you’d hav checked the home page.

But, I stress that this really isn’t important. All you get from 30 days is a recolour of the 5 day reward anyway, isn’t it?

EDIT: I thought the gold armour was the 30 day reward, apparently there’s also a shield so yeah.

Please! Shut up with this excessive whining about how the world doesn’t revolve around you. They have this update as a fun event people can participate in for some cosmetic rewards and a few Loyalty Points. MISSING THESE COSMETIC REWARDS WILL NOT STOP YOU FROM ENJOYING THE GAME. If It does then I suggest you to plan out your schedule better.

You’ll find a way to do something if it’s truly important to you. I bet 90%+ of everyone that gets this cosmetic suit will have forgotten about it and leave it to gather dust within 3 months like every other holiday or cosmetic reward.

However if you really want to get the outfit then I suggest to do it in a constructive manner or support other threads that are constructive on this issue. Jagex do read these forums and which do you think they’ll take into heart more often than not? Whiny, Boo-Hoo and Woe is me! Or actual feedback and suggestions to satisfy both parties?