Two Most Important Features In Albion: Crafting And Gathering

In Albion, as we know already, based on the nature of MMORPGs gameplay, crafting as well as gathering are two most important features, followed by, let’s discuss some tips and tricks to progress your crafting progression at the fastest rate possible. Of course,don’t forget to buy cheap albion online gold at


There are many players out there trying to craft everything. This is an incorrect way to progress crafting. Instead, it’s recommended to only focus on a specific item you want to use and specialize in each crafting progression.

Crafting a higher tier weapon and armor requires a lot of resources, money, and time. It is next to impossible to craft all types of weapons and armors without a big investment. The better way to progress is to only craft your favorite gear and cooperate with your friends or guild members to craft the other.

This way your whole guild can progress all crafting progressions resulting in the ability to craft higher tier for all armors and weapons types.

Resources are the most important part of crafting. And they all can be obtained through gathering. Basically, you need to find areas where resources are not overly gathered. It is hard to find in both PvE areas and even in limited PvP areas.

One strategy to do that is to head to an area where the higher tier of the material you want is available. For example, if you are planning to gather a tier 2 material, try to find an area with tier 2-4 materials. In these areas, tier 2 will not be gathered very much since other players only focus on tier 3-4 materials.

This gathering strategy goes the same way when you want to gather tier 3 or higher quality materials. Just only go to a zone where higher tiers materials are available. More Albion Online tips, guides, tricks, and you can head over to

Galahad Will Bring New Design, PvE Reworld, User Interface Overhaul

Until now, the biggest update of Albion Online have been unveiled, in addition, the Albion Online server is back online, before Albion online officially launch on July 17, 2017, Galahad is one of the final update. With regard to highly-anticipated update, what will it bring? More official news, there will introduce more:


User Interface Overhaul
In the early test phases, Albion Online’s UI has been around, even if it has implemented its purpose, however, it was in desperate need of a make-over. It will bring new design, made it less bulkly and more user-friendly.

PvE Rework
New PvE challenges await you in the open world, such as massive Guardian bosses, impressive home bases of both the Undead and the Disciples of Morgana, random camps and more. No time for the open world? Go on an expedition, either alone or in a group, to take on the various factions of Albion in special missions.

New World
As you know already, this’s a completely reshaped the world, not only include a new Royal Continent as well as Outlands, but also a revamped word map and biome-unique cities to completely immerse you in the new world of Albion.

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NBA 2K17 Tips And Guides: Endless Stamina And Super Speed

In fact, for NBA 2K17, it’s a quite easy game, in particular, for those who have played the previous entries in the series. Nonetheless, sometime, some players merely want to breeze through everything in a faster way.


Here’s a nice tool for playing “NBA 2K17” not the way it is meant to be played, but will surely get things going really fast. The trainer covers a number of useful cheats and some non-essential, but funny functions.

The cheats covered are as follows

Numpad 1 – Add 10 Score (Home Team)
Numpad 2 – Add 10 Score (Away Team)
Numpad 3 – Infinite Stamina
Numpad 4 – No Fatigue
Numpad 5 – Freeze Timer
Numpad 6 – End Current Quarter
Numpad 7 – Infinite Points
Numpad 8 – Add 5000 Points
Numpad 9 – Ignore Attribute Limits
Numpad 0 – Max Upgrade Availability
Numpad (.) – A+ Rating
Numpad (+) – Infinite Fans
Ctrl + Numpad 1 – MyGM Infinite Experience
Ctrl + Numpad 2 – MyGM Add 5000 Experience
Ctrl + Numpad 3 – Infinite Price Changes
Ctrl + Numpad 4 – Super Speed
Ctrl + Numpad 5 – Slow Motion

The trainer is only available for the PC version of “NBA 2K17.” The good thing about the trainer is that it can be downloaded for free and is safe from any malicious programs or scripts. This is unlike the usual trainers nowadays that are either too expensive or free, but with an additional “baggage” that isn’t worth the trouble.

For someone, they would like to have a more hands-on approach, in addition to this, they have never thought of take a risk breaking the game. On the contrary, they are willing to check this guide, some time ago, we’ve also covered for NBA 2K17.

NBA 2K17 Update: Latest Roster Affects All 30 Teams & Elite Players Have Improved

Just recently, a new roster update was launched for NBA 2K17, futhermore, it can contribute to some of the game’s best players even better. Firstly, with respect to triple-double machine Russell Westbrook, in recent weeks, it has been on fire for the Oklahoma City Thunder, followed by, his overall rating has been revealed and reflected. now that it stands at a extremely impressive 95. Are you now seeking for cheap NBA 2K17 MT?


Westbrook’s former running buddy Kevin Durant has been playing well for the Golden State Warriors. Despite taking fewer shots per game this year, Durant’s scoring output has remained largely unchanged due to his spike in shooting efficiency. All of that has led to Durant sporting an overall rating of 95.

Just a tier down from Westbrook and Durant is New Orleans Pelicans superstar Anthony Davis. The Pelicans may not have gotten off to a great start this season, but Davis himself is having a terrific year. He currently leads the league in both points and blocks per game. His strong start is further reflected in his overall rating that is now at 94. By buying cheap NBA 2K17 MT PC online,let’s experience gameplay fun.

Another elite player who has gotten even better courtesy of the newest “NBA 2K17” roster update is Houston Rockets guard James Harden. Harden has been on a tear this season, serving as the catalyst for the run-and-gun Rockets. Harden’s newly-minted 93 overall rating shows just how well he has taken to his new role.

Apart from further pumping up the already impressive ratings of the NBA’s elite players, the latest roster update also improves the overall marks of some young, rising stars, as can be seen in a recent report from Operation Sports. Philadelphia 76ers big man Joel Embiid has been a revelation so far this year, leading to him landing an overall mark of 83 inside the game.

Having said that, for Kristaps Porzingis of the New York Knicks, in this game this year, he aslo shown great improvements. Until now he was enough successfully as one of the ture rising stars in the NBA, thanks to his 84 overall rating. For more about futher roster updates coming to “NBA 2K17” should be made available soon, stay tuned:

New Zealand Gamers Able to Download FIFA 16 Demo on PS4

New Zealand Gamers Able to Download FIFA 16 Demo on PS4

As fans of FIFA 16 will no doubt know, September 8 is the date for the demo to be released. If you live in New Zealand it looks like you can start to download it now.

This will be the start of the waiting period for fans looking to be able to download the game. This will lead it to eventually be available for Playstation 4, Playstation 3, PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. As previously noted the previous generation consoles will not feature all of the new features because of hardware restrictions.

New Zealand Gamers Able to Download FIFA 16 Demo on PS4

Whether we see these restrictions in the demo is yet to be seen. For fans to be truly able to experience the game and get a taste for it though this will be the best way to get a taste of what to expect.

When the demo finally arrives, a number of features will be included. This includes the following playable teams:

– FC Barcelona
– Borussia Dortmund
– Borussia Mönchengladbach
– Chelsea FC
– Inter Milan
– Manchester City
– Paris Saint-Germain
– Real Madrid CF
– River Plate
– Seattle Sounders
– Women’s national teams:
– Germany

With a good slice of the game included to allow people to get a feel for the game, it’ll only tease them for the release that is only weeks away. I’m sure even though it is restricted people will put quite a few hours into it. After that, people who have EA Access will also have a chance to play the games five days earlier than the release.

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More Archeage Gold, more powerful in the game

More Archeage Gold, more powerful in the game

We all know that ArcheAge is a free-to-play massive multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG) that is advertised as an open-world sandbox. to be honest, if you want to be stronger than others, you need more ArcheAge Gold in the game, which is a key to be powerful in the game now.

The game does not have the linear progression common of other MMOs. Instead, players can choose to master combat by choosing between any 3 of 10 skillsets, build eloquent homes or massive castles, raise plants and livestock, master crafting in any or all 21 professions, or influence the economy through an advanced trade system whenever they want. ArcheAge places a significant focus on open-world PvP. Players may band together and fight in massive open world battles, both on land and at sea. Players may even choose to abandon their initial faction and become a pirate.

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