What Are The Disadvantages Of NBA 2K23?

What Are The Disadvantages Of NBA 2K23?

I previously discussed the advantages of NBA 2K23 in “What Are The Advantages Of NBA 2K23? But a game can’t be all advantages, there must be many disadvantages, and NBA 2K23 is no exception. Here we will discuss what are the disadvantages of NBA 2K23.

The visual representation of players needs improvement

Over the years 2K Games has built an amazing sports history. No sports video game has worked as hard as the legends and past eras of gaming it emulates. 2K Games has made many changes in NBA 2K23 and they needed to improve the visual representation of players from the past. Many legendary players use avatars from past generations of consoles.

Like the visual models of players, the number of body types of players needed to be expanded. There are several athletes in NBA 2K23 with arms that are too short, such as legends like David Robinson and Xavier McDaniel.

Again, when so much effort is put into representing players and different eras, their likenesses need to drive the concept more accurately.

MyTeam still lacks Salary-Cap Mode

NBA 2K23’s MyTeam mode still lacks Salary-Cap Mode, a mode that balances the gameplay experience. The easiest option on my wish list would be to have a Salary-Cap Mode that limits the number of premium cards, thus making all cards in the game more valuable. This would also enable us to get more NBA 2K23 MT by selling playing cards.

The limited mode offers more structured challenges than the infinite mode. If you want to play a version of MyTeam that rewards more strategy and team-building concepts, its event-based nature doesn’t offer you a choice.

No Carryover Saves in MyNBA

Roster makers put a lot of work into creating historical and fantasy content each year, while also filling in the gaps left by 2K because they couldn’t come to terms with past players.

Recreating all of this content to make an already great game more valuable sucks, but is also strengthened by the community taking full advantage of the tools 2K has to offer.

With the lack of a carryover save feature, roster creators may get tired of adding the same content every year because all the work they’ve done is outdated when it should be evergreen.