‘RUNESCAPE bond trading game reward money in real life

Jagex made a big announcement is on the increase as “RUNESCAPE” on their new bonds. The company is headquartered in the UK continue to work with this new feature will allow players in the game for his efforts to get real returns , bringing revolutionary free to play MMORPG market. The occasion of this announcement , a little bit of a surprise , many members are considering whether convertible bonds will have a positive or negative social impact .

Bonds will allow “RUNESCAPE” players in the game of their wealth for the real-life currency and rewards sell or trade . Available tangible rewards, including the game ‘s membership . As for the ” Diablo 3″ auction system, the introduction of a game can be a  real money is not easy to pull off , it will be interesting to see how it affects the community bonds .

“The launch of bonds RUNESCAPE is a very positive step that will improve the game ‘s economy and give players more choices, how they get members and we care passionately about RUNESCAPE as the game’s community , and promised in the next 10 years the RUNESCAPE growth laid the foundation for this update is a solid step in that direction , said: “The executive producer Phil Mansell , RUNESCAPE. “A lot of players will be a small fortune GP and valuables in the game worth playing RUNESCAPE has accumulated over their years by introducing bonds, millions of dedicated players will now have a choice , through the game of wealth exchange bonds to finance their members and other services . “Here you can buy the cheapest and most practical Runescape Gold,Runescape 3 Gold

Notice was some speculation form ” Runescape” players . Presumably expected some consternation RUNESCAPE ” host Jacmob explanation Devblog how goldfarming the ” RUNESCAPE ” and bonds have become a huge problem in efforts to reduce in-game found some illegal behavior up to D3 auction house is an effort to curb the black market IRL goods trading currency of the game , players bond is intended to open more options , and the elimination of some illegal way .

Bonds will cost each purchase only from within the game redeemed. Buy these bonds will allow players to receive 14 days of the “RUNESCAPE” members , eight of wealth rotation, or 160 RuneCoins screaming. Multiple bonds can also be redeemed for the RuneFest tickets.

Incentives to play through bonds in Runescape

Starting today, you can harvest your efforts to play through vouchers, reward new game items, you can purchase on our website and sharing. These coupons can be machined part should day subscription at RuneCoins wealth, and more.

Runescape is your game, your credentials, more than ever to provide more choice and freedom. So, you can pay through your game resources your subscription, provide a safe gift subscription to a friend or your family members, no matter where he is, access to other objects and virtual gold content infringement share your good game, and enjoy all the RUNESCAPE no zombies or real money flows. For more information, please read the following sections.

Coupons, what is it?

Coupon is the new game items, allowing you in the game, you have the resources at stake initially occupy certain advantages, you can buy coupons, as you purchase a subscription, but you can also interact with other players, or gifts.Here you can buy the cheapest and most practical Runescape 3 Gold,rs gold. Should be part of wealth or RuneCoins members can be converted into a voucher. We expect that in the near future, they can also be used for donation, and in the longer term, even the Jagex shop. We also give this ticket warrants RuneFest these possibilities. For more information, please visit our FAQ.

The coupons can be purchased through our website page billing. $ 5 voucher or sterling or € 4.25 EUR the unit, and can be subscribed for 14 days, eight or 160 RuneCoins of wealth, should be opened.

You are free to choose how you want to redeem your voucher (with other players by exchanging large exchange or direct), you can determine their selling price and purchase. As with all other objects, the primary RUNESCAPE2007 Gold Market in the community, decided to other objects voucher value.

Importance in the development of RUNESCAPE3

Now, all who have registered for the test program RUNESCAPE players can access HTML5 beta test client. If you have not the opportunity to discover this new game client to connect to the current beta testing!

Note: Do not forget, you can enter a new beta version of major technical update, although we have made some improvements, customers will not be able to stabilize or respond to a client’s main game. Through your comments and game data we collect, these problems can be solved, but now, we ask you to be careful when you go to a place, it is possible to lose their belongings. If in doubt, it is wise to play in the main game client.

All the players have expressed their interest in testing procedures also subscribe RUNESCAPE RUNESCAPE’s (and the players took advantage of subscription will provide gold and silver statue) can now connect to the client testing.Here you can buy the cheapest and most practical Runescape 3 Gold,rs gold

The first few months launched RUNESCAPE3, two-part test program will be available to all users, will also be possible to find a new system interface through the HTML5 client. We will give you more information about it very quickly, so keep your eyes wide open!

Your opinion is absolutely necessary. Who is your Runescape game you want to and your needs, your desires are very important in the development of RUNESCAPE3.

Thank you to all those who have participated in the test program, and give us feedback RS3 gold medals. Please continue to send us your comments!

Runescape is full of goals and passions

Typically, we are pleased published in 2012 Updated: daily challenges, Rune dimension, one after the other, the giant slayer chinchompa bring a fresh game, more social-oriented approach in terms of skills practice. Queen of the Black Dragon, graphics overhaul monsters and dungeons, flasks and potions port players while bringing a bunch of high-level players new content. Tasks can also help to improve the game’s exciting stories and more English dubbing.

We want to ensure that in 2013. This means that we will give you what you want: interesting task, new dungeons, epic events and new skills. This also means that we will continue to improve the existing game content and technical improvements, so you can enjoy the impressive graphics and experience fluid Thursday, but more than anything, we want to ensure that the work and effort, you are in the game offer to be respected, you have your forehead sweat, will maintain its utility and value.

I do not think we are eternally grateful to our customers, which helps us to continually RUNESCAPE good game today, tens of millions of players to provide more freedom. Here you can buy the cheapest and most practical Runescape 3 Gold,RS 3 Gold This is why the team’s players unsubscribe Runescape community, I want to say a big “thank you” to all users.

Finally, thank you to play RUNESCAPE. Our goals and passions in order to improve your game! Thank you for your comments and criticisms as your RUNESCAPE still exists in 2013 and over the years, so do not hesitate to share your opinion, and won 07 gold RUNESCAPE!

Frost bones buzz kill

So after rushing medium frozen floors for hours I finally found a frost dragon, and promptly killed it. Then I teled to home base and bought the resources to make the altar and dropped them all on the floor including the bones (I did not bury them on accident) to save space while I finished the dung. I came back to make the altar and sacrifice the bones, and do you know what wasn’t on the floor? The frost dragon bones. I checked my chat box and it didn’t mention burying the bones. I am so sad that I get abused by glitches to ruin my day all the time.

I personally would of just kept them on me, as I would of still had 17 free spots, if you count for bars, runes and both gatestones. That’s plenty of space for food/cash/herbs/anything else.Never ever ever ever ever EVER…. Do new content day 1 of it’s release,even a week is a bit much. Haven’t people learnt this by now?. This isn’t new news. It’s ALWAYS riddled with bs bugs/glitches.

90 wisp colony new teleport

As it stands, even with the fix to the spawning of wisps in the desert, there is no point in going to the level 90 wisp colony.

In order to achieve max exp/hour you are needed to do chronics.

As the length of time taken to get back to the level 90 wisp colony is relatively greater than the time taken to get back to the level 85 wisp colony, it is more efficient to stay at the level 85 wisp colony.

So that the level 90 colony can be used as intended, I strongly suggest a new teleport be put in place.

Although I realise the carpet rides have been streamlined for this process, I believe it is truly not enough to make it worth training at the level 90 wisp colony.

Thank you jagex

Dear Jagex,

Thank you for being ever so flaming smart and giving us this wonderfully, downright idiotic Super September Challenge. I find it so much fun, watching a small group of Players act high & mighty towards those who actually want to take part in your new, albeit misplaced, Bonus Experience distribution method.

You seem to have totally forgotten the fact that occurrences like this will do nothing but beckon the attention of several blundering morons who feel it necessary to fill the entire area with Dwarven Multi-Cannons in order to prevent Players from actually achieving success in this Challenge. Thank you for giving those selfish idiots the room they require to make several hundred once interested Runescape 3 Gold Players lose their interest in the Bonus Experience that this Challenge had to offer.

Yours disdainfully,
A very unhappy chappy.

PS. I have actually completed the Challenge, I just feel bad for those who haven’t.

The chaos unfolding on world 2 is very amusing. Zamorak himself could not have orchestrated something so disorganized. I thought at first a riot was going on…fires, cannons, familiars everywhere. 500 people and they still can’t clear the cabbage field.

I’m also glad the Dwarven multicannons continue to find ways to anger players even in the year 2013.

Thank you Jagex for letting me witness one of the most hilarious sights I’ve ever seen in this game. World 2’s cabbage field and the screenshots I took of it will live on forever. Full support for Super September.

There’s not much on Solomon’s store that captures my attention

If wings, however, were offered on it I would certainly take interest.

We all know that wings are technically possible since they’re already in Runescape Gold game. I really think that Jagex could offer some epic looking wings on Solomon’s store that go under the cape slot.

Just for an example, we could have flaming wings, lightning wings or anything else you can think of.

The wings should be large as well in a similar fashion to tier four wings from the loyalty shop.

I really think that these would be a popular addition to Solomon’s store. What are your thoughts? Would you buy them?

Player suggestions from this thread:
-Archangel and seraph wings.
-Phoenix Wings.
-Wings with particle effects.
-Diablo style wings.
-Eagle Wings
-Bone Wings (Not made of, but rather just the skeletal structure)
-Butterfly Wings
-Jadinko Wings
-Bat-like Wings
Keep them coming.

Also, it has been suggested for the wings to move (i.e. fold back and forth while idle) which would make the wings seem much more "alive". This would be an awesome addition in my opinion, and it’d only increase the demand for wings.

Superior barrows brothers

During the Vorago livestream today (9/5/13) Mod Chris L made a few statements talking about a harder version of barrows, I will be calling this Superior barrows brothers until its true name is released.

Current information: (will be updating as more information comes in)
1. It wont be solo content.
2. it “wont” be duo able.
3. chris mentioned Super Ahrims.

I am exited hearing about this content but i also am looking for reasons to why its coming and the only logical idea of why is simply because Sliske got a power up when he killed guthix and this means not only does he become stronger but we can assume his minions got a power up as well.

Mod chris l refused to make a statement on the livestream about the rewards but we can assume that there might be an upgraded version of the barrows gear.

Looking at the old school game jagex wanted to release an amulet with the godwars update called “Amulet of the damned” and it would have an effect when worn with full barrows sets, Could this amulet be part of the new Superior barrows update?

Note: later i will be typing out word for word what chris l said on the livestream. If you wish to here the statements from chris l himself visit the runescape twitch channel and watch the first 40 minutes of the livestream.

Honestly i am a bit sad that its going to be another “group” boss because some people don’t have friends that play regularly :/ id rather there be a superior barrows brother then a group version that is even harder, that way some of us with smaller friend’s lists can still enjoy it.

About the amulet, i think it should stay exclusively old school simply because it makes it special. perhaps people will disagree but that is just my opinion.

Runescape update was delayed because

What really happened jagex? (Jmod post telling the truth would be nice).

Was the update actually delayed because of the bugs/glitches it would contain or because an IVP liaison caught wind of the update and thought it would hurt profits?

It would also explain why the bank boosters and keepsakes LP costs have almost doubled.

– Maybe jagex and IVP had a few arguments on what the actual release amount would be even though it would if anything boost runecoin sales.

– Also my first impression of the loyalty update is that there are still bugs/glitches…

Anyone else get this was the case as to why the update was really delayed or am I just going crazy with these depressing updates?

Disclaimer: Jagex I will not tattletale to IVP no matter what you tell me the reason was.

Obviously IVP got invovled and started crying ohh our profits Q_Q. I know we are invested in like 50 other mmos and make billions and billions of dollars every year but you making these prices the way they are, are just going to ruin our margins so fix these prices now!.

Ivp: Hay crap (crap is mod marks addressed name by IVP) why are you making that update?

Mod mark: cause we need more money. It will get more Runescape Gold players.

The IVP coffee boy in charge of Jagex: crap, your profits don’t matter. Jack up the prices or you will be back to fetching me coffee.

Mod mark: but I’m not making enough. My family is only living in a great house, not a beautiful one.

Coffee Boy: crap, your family is going to eating worse than you if you don’t raise the prices!!!!!